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Monday, October 12, 2009

SilverLight 3.0 Features.

Silverlight 3.0 Features:

1.SLOOB(SilverLight out of browser).

Its like a java Applet(Application embedded into browser).but in silverlight we can get that application out of browser and we can use it and access/modify it.After finishing your work you can update it.

We can download that Apllication into your local system by the following ways,

A, Context Menu(By right clicking the app in the browser u can install it in your local system.

B, By the Button click event(Here you can write your program for the installation of Browser App).

There are two main events (Trigger and Network Event)

Network Event:

When you are working in your App(online) if suddenly your connection disconnected it will gives status as its disconnected its done through coding.

Trigger Event:

When you are working in your App(offline) you can update ur app at anytime from the main app(online).By placing the button like install.


The files or datas what you are working with offline app it wont affect your local system other drives such as c:,d:,etc.....It's mean SECURITY.

It allot separate space for his work that place is ISOLATED STORAGE.

Default size of isolated storage 25MB. But it can extended to what ever size(UNLIMITED).

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